The Talent Cycle Case Study

One of the UK’s leading career development professionals – Caroline Green, The Talent Cycle

“I approached Becky for mentoring when I felt I wanted to move my business on.  She is a fountain of all knowledge when it comes to all things marketing and strategy and is very good at putting my jumble of words into something coherent and persuasive for the customer.  She doesn’t pull any punches, tells it like it is but is absolutely lovely to work with as a supportive mentor, I’d encourage anyone thinking about working with her to do so; she really helped me.”

Caroline Green, Founder, The Talent Cycle

The brief: To mentor Caroline in order to find some clearer business focus, review her current web & marketing activities and prioritise an action plan for 2022.

Mentoring includes delivery of the following:

  • Review of current website and marketing activity
  • Create a marketing strategy & plan for the coming year
  • Advice and support on finding new business development opportunities, networks, contacts & connections
  • Reassurance and confidence building
  • Practical and actionable advice for an owner managed business
  • Help to prioritise quick wins for the short-term
  • Mentoring on the overall approach to new business and opportunities
  • Sounding board for strategic decision-making
  • Exploration of PR and media opportunities in online, print & on radio and TV

Caroline has since been featured on the BBC as a careers expert post 2022 A’Level & GCSE results.

She is also now a member of the Career Development Institute and has been featured on Elizabeth Willett’s podcast, Getting You The Flexible, Part-Time or Work from Home Job You Want & Deserve.

We can look forward to great things for Caroline and The Talent Cycle in 2023.